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AVHRA Meeting Facilitation Guide

    • Agassiz Valley Human Resources Association

      Meeting Facilitation Guide

      (Updated 04/2016)


      Meetings Occur on the 2nd Tuesday of each Month from 3:30 – 5:00 pm at

      AgCountry Farm Credit Services

      1900 44th Street S

      Fargo, ND 58103


      Prepare for Meeting:

      President: One week prior to meeting - E-mail topic of the month



    • Business Activities (President Leads)
    • Introduction of New Members
    • Confidentiality Requirement reminder     

    • Obtain approval for last meeting’s minutes – Secretary       

    • Reports:
    •                            President:                                        Sherry Olson,

      President-elect:                                Kristi Spindler,

      Secretary:                                         Kelly Dawson, 

      Treasurer/Membership:                    Lisa Markert, 

      Past President:                                 Anne Zimiga, 

      Legislative:                                        Legislative Director, 

      Foundation:                                       Claudia Souba


    • Development Activities (Meeting Host Leads)
    • Speaker/Presentation (can be guest speaker or member presentation)
      1. Meeting Host facilitates session
    • Roundtable (Meeting Host Leads)
    • Notes:

      Meeting Host defers any motions or other important business to Chapter President